Collaborative Leadership Coaching Package | A T.R.A.I.L. of Conversations

Collaborative Leadership Coaching Package

Collaborative Leadership Coaching Package

Heidi and Jennifer love working 1:1 with school leaders!  Increase your school culture through the T.R.A.I.L. frameworks.  While the coaching conversations are always organic, some common themes that usually come up are: running meetings, creating collective buy-in, increasing enthusiasm and joy, and preventing burnout for your staff and yourself.  We offer several options for a variety of roles in education:

  • Building Leadership Individuals or Teams
  • District Leadership Individuals or Teams
  • Newly-Created or New-To Roles 
  • Facilitated Mentorship Conversations between Experienced and Novice Educators

Sessions come in a bundle of 10 one-hour Zoom meetings to maximize results.  They are available weekly or monthly and include optional Communities of Practice sessions with all current, former, or prospective clients.

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