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Professional Development

Professional Development

Our dynamic and engaging Professional Development services is available online or in-person with plenty of opportunities to discuss and plan how this new information will be implemented in the classroom. Packages are available that include needs assessments, debriefs with artifacts, and follow-through support.


Step 1 - Needs Assessment:

A needs assessment is a process that identifies the gaps between what is currently happening and what needs to happen in order to achieve a desired outcome. In the context of professional development in education, a needs assessment can be used to identify the skills and knowledge that teachers and staff need in order to improve student learning.

There are many different ways we conduct a needs assessment. Some common methods include surveys, interviews, focus groups, and document reviews. The best approach will vary depending on the specific needs of the school or district.

Once we identify the needs, we prioritize and design a professional development plan. The plan will address the most pressing needs and to ensure that teachers and staff have the resources they need to improve their practice.


Step 2- Debriefs With Artifacts:

Debriefs with artifacts is a second step of professional development in education. It is a process of reflecting on and discussing the learning that has taken place during a professional development activity. The artifacts can be anything that was created or used during the activity, such as lesson plans, student work, or videos.

The goal of debriefs with artifacts is to help teachers and staff make sense of their learning and to apply it to their practice. The process of reflecting on and discussing the artifacts can help teachers and staff to identify what they have learned, to understand how it relates to their practice, and to plan how to implement it in their classrooms.


Step 3 - Follow-Through Support

We believe that providing teachers and staff with comprehensive follow-through support is the vital third step in professional development. This crucial process ensures that educators can effectively implement the knowledge and skills they acquire in their classrooms.

We offer a range of proven methods to provide follow-through support, including:

Coaching: We provide personalized one-on-one or small-group coaching sessions, empowering teachers to apply their newfound knowledge and overcome any challenges they may encounter in their classrooms.

Mentoring: We understand the value of experience, which is why we pair new or inexperienced teachers with seasoned educators who serve as mentors. This mentorship program offers invaluable support and guidance, fostering growth and success.

Professional Learning Communities: Collaboration is key! Our approach includes creating professional learning communities where teachers can collaborate, share ideas, learn from one another, and receive support from their peers. Together, they can achieve greater heights of excellence.

Online Resources: Our comprehensive online resources are readily accessible to teachers, offering a wealth of webinars, tutorials, articles, and more. This platform enables educators to continue their professional growth, stay abreast of the latest research, and adopt best practices in their teaching.

Appreciative Inquiry-Infused Professional Development Topics:

  • De-escalation techniques and how to meet students where they are
  • Creating student-centered classrooms- from a welcoming classroom environment to meaningful formative and summative assessments infused with student-centered topics, to project-based learning
  • Building resilience, trauma-responsive practices, and protective factors
  • Executive functioning and brain-based engagement strategies
  • SEL and DEI rebranded as wellness that supports student behavior and strategies to that build student success
  • Technology use as formative assessments

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1:1 Coaching

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